Swinging Sex Games for Couples

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Sexy Party for Hot, Loving, Couples 

Sexy Party is a super hot DOWNLOAD AND OWN sexy foreplay game for couples. Sexy Party is a PC board game for 2 to 8 players. The game is based around a traditional design of buying and selling properties but has a lot of adult extras thrown in. We make other games, of course, and you can find out about them by following the links at the top of our page!

The game includes drinking games, physical challenges, truth or dare, striptease and high risk gambling! In addition to all this the game has a very strong adult theme and includes many thousands of erotic activities to be performed during the game.

Sexy Party was designed to be “everything that Sexual Pursuits was not”. Sexual Pursuits was designed for a heterosexual couple to enjoy romantic and sexy adventures together. Originally designed for a sexy couple for their own pleasure, Sexual Pursuits could not be easily adapted for LGBT players. Additionally, Sexual Pursuits could not be adapted to allow more than two players to have fun at the same time. Hence Sexy Party was born.

Anybody can play Sexy Party – the game can be enjoyed by up to eight players of all sexual preference!


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