Installing our Games

Follow these instructions to install Sexual Pursuits. Note that the process is much the same for each of our games.

Step One: Download the Demo or Full Version

You’ll receive a direct link for the full product in your order email. If you want to try the demo, use one of the links below:

Step Two: Open the Downloaded File

The downloaded file will be located in your downloads folder. If using Google Chrome, you can open the downloaded file by clicking the little arrow in the downloaded file bar as shown below. You’ll see the downloaded game file.

Step Three: Install the Game

Click the downloaded file to start the installation. You may receive a User Account Control warning from Microsoft Windows. Click Yes to continue.

Note that the User Account Control warning is intended to prevent unwanted software installing malware, adware or other bloatware on your computer system. Our games install no additional components besides the ones required to operate. If in doubt, we recommend using Malwarebytes Adaware or Kaspersky security to check your system BEFORE and AFTER installing our products. Most other anti virus solutions are adequate. In the result that you get a positive result, please Contact Us and let us know!

After okaying the User Access Control, the installer will ask where you want to install the game. It does not take up much space, so the default location is okay. Click Next to continue.

Step Four: Confirm the Installation

You’ll receive a final confirmation screen before the installation happens. This will appear as shown below. Click the Install button to continue.

Step Five: Installation Complete!

Installation will now happen and complete automatically. The game may automatically run after installation. If it does not, you will find the appropriate icon on the Windows Desktop or by using the Windows Search as shown below. Note that you can view the Windows Desktop by holding the Windows key and pressing D.

Game Icons on the Desktop – Adding to Start Menu

View the Windows Desktop by holding the Windows key and pressing D. These are the game icons. They may be hiding somewhere depending on where Microsoft Windows decided to install them.

You can easily add our games to the Start Screen by right clicking an icon and selecting Pin to Start from the “pop up” menu that appears as shown below.

Play the Game!

Have fun!

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