Setting the Mood

“The sexiest thing about Secret Desires? Wow, where do I start? I think the hottest thing is when my lower undresses me, totally at the command of this amazing sex game. And being told what to do is an incredible turn on – especially when neither of us knows what’s coming next. This game really has to be tried by anybody who wants to improve their bedroom gymnastics!” – Alison, Texas.

Sex Games for Couples – Really?

Absolutely and definitely yes! In a long-term relationship it’s important to keep changing things up in the bedroom. Usually, that means trying a new sex position, using sexy toys, or doing it in your best friend’s bedroom after sneaking away during a dinner party! But shaking things up in your love life could also mean playing a “sex game.”

Alright, some people might think sex games sound silly and weird, but they’re also a bucketload of naughty fun. They’re also a fantastic way to reconnect with your partner (or the hot and adventurous friends you’re playing with). But you have to dive in with both feet. You can’t shy away from this amazingf experience and you have to do whatever the game is telling you to do. You need to spank that ass, get tied up or handcuffed, suck those tasty nipples, share your naughtiest fantasy, or whatever the hell else we tell you to do!

You may be the quiet type. Maybe you’re not someone who’s into learning new games. But our sexy games are easy to play and are sexy spins on old classics—think an even more sexual version of Trivial Pursuits, Twister and Monopoly. In essense, you really don’t have to learn anything “new.” You just need to have a go, have some fun, get sexy!

Ready to play now? Great! Remember to enjoy the experience. Oh, and take care that you don’t install the games on a computer where the kids can find them!

This page is under construction. I’m working furiously on other stuff right now. Meanwhile, don’t rush things! Candles, wine, kisses. Don’t just open the laptop as you’re standing naked in front of your partner – unless that’s what they prefer!


This is where evening has to start. It’s important to set the right mood before you introduce our foreplay games into your lovemaking experience. Before doing anything, make sure you discuss the whole experience with your lover. I’m sure they’ll be thrilled to hear that you’re into trying something a little more interesting. Just don’t land them with a copy of Sexual Pursuits on your first date! The best time to suggest getting down to a fun sex game experience is when you’re already in a loving, committed, relationship and you’re both getting intimate. As things heat up, maybe you can suggest taking things to a new and fantastic level…

The Scene

Candles, condoms, wine, his favorite beer, her favorite mixer. Maybe some strawberries and cream? Got any sexy toys? If you do then it’s time to sneak them out of the closet. Find your hottest clothes – the outfit you know will really turn your partner on – and suit up. His favorite panties, her favorite short and tie. Make a real effort here and the results will pay off in dividends – I promise! Take the phone off the hook and turn the mobile to Do Not Disturb. Send the kids over to mom’s for a few hours – or the whole night! Pop the champagne, turn on your favorite tunes. It’s time to enjoy each other.

“We’re lucky enough to have a few friends who were brave enough to try Sexy Party with us. Now I can’t wait for the second Sunday of the month when our kids stay over at Mee Maas and we have the house all to ourselves. Sexy Party is the best thing to happen to our sex life in twenty years!” – Jane and David, Texas.

Lights, Camera, Action!

The last thing you need to do? Well that’s where we come into the mix! Any one of our amazing sex games will give you a night to remember, but it started with Sexual Pursuits and that’s as good a place as any to begin your sex gaming experience. Buy the game using the order link below and we’ll send you a link to download and unlock the full unlimited version. There are a ton of features, but you don’t need to worry about that at this stage. Get the game, get it on. Tomorrow, when you’re relaxing in the afterglow, you can check out the incredible bounty you’ve brought to your sex life in more detail..

Tell Us All ABout It!

We really want to hear how much you enjoy our games. Just navigate to our Contact Page and put down some words to tell us how much fun you had. We also want to hear your funny stories, complaints and ideas for innovating the games. These games are for YOUR enjoyment. The more feedback we get, the better they’re going to be!



Don’t worry – you can still enjoy iBlush if you’re a boring straight couple! We made this the most versatile game of them all – Rebecca M.