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On this website you’ll find hot foreplay games to play with your lover, partner, and even during a hot party with up to eight players!. Our most popular games are Sexual Pursuits, Sexy Party and iBlush.

Latest News – iBlush Version 6 Released

iBlush version 6 features a return to the “Wonder Woman” themed screens, simplifying the layout. More improvements are underway, and you’ll get the upgrades free if you buy now. We’re still offering a 50% discount on iBlush, so get it cheap while you can!

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This is the home of Sexual Pursuits, Sexy Party, Secret Desires, Romantic Dares and iBlush – download and OWN FOREVER sex games for couples and swinging parties. Our crazy hot foreplay / erotic sex games are played on your Windows 10 / 11 laptop or desktop computer. With thousands of unique kinky interactions, the fun is neverending!

Sexual Pursuits is the smartest sex game you’ll ever play. The game features our own intelligent tracking algorithms that ensure every sexy activity you are presented with matches your preferences, clothing status, bondage state and your personal kinky preferences!

We developed Sexual Pursuits first, then came Sexy Party and our other hot games. They all have unique personalities and gameplay methods. Try them all and see why we’re the hottest, nmost popular, sexy game maker on the internet!

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Get any game (or all the games) right now at a very special price. Hours of fun between the sheets, on the floor, in the car, in the garden, in the kitchen, at the neighbors, on the beach, in a motel room somewhere. Download and keep our games FOREVER and enhance your lovemaking and kinky endevors with thousands of hot activities designed by lovers like you for lovers like you – Rebecca Martinez.


Sexual Pursuits for Couples – The Greatest Sex Game of All Time!

Our customer feedback does not lie! Sexual Pursuits is the original and still the hottest SMART SEX GAME out there. It tracks player clothing status, arousal, bondage condition, etc. It’s the sex game for the thinking couple.Sexual Pursuits has been tested and approved for Microsoft Windows 11! 

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Sexual Pursuits, Sexy Party, Romantic Dares, Secret Desires, Romantic Dreams and Romantic Pursuits can ALL be yours for a fraction of the cost of buying each individual game. Bring variety, magic, love, lust and adventure to your bedroom experience tonight!