Secret Desires Review

Written by Tara Tainton   

When was the last time you enjoyed four full hours of foreplay? Or awoke to find your bedroom in utter disarray and actually remembered the fun you had the night before?

When I spotted the Adult Sexy Games site listed as “buzzworthy” in Playgirl magazine, the idea of adult-oriented, interactive computer games to play in the privacy of my own home intrigued me. I still conjured up images of laughable animated characters issuing lame instructions for sexual maneuvers to be acted out at an awkward pace. Yet, if Playgirl recommended the games, they had to be worth a try.

The non-committal demo option lured me in. Within seconds, I’d downloaded and installed the trial version, an interactive game combining real-time sexual foreplay with only the dirtiest dares of Truth or Dare and just a bit of Trivial Pursuit. It’s a game for couples, you and your chosen human playmate, which can be played anywhere your computer is within reach and a comfortable environment is created for the two of you carrying out challenges for everything from romantic gestures and shared secrets to fucking like rabbits. Even dirty play with your lover over the phone or webcam could be adapted to following the game’s instruction for your mutual and unpredictable pleasure. In essence, the game is your gentle Domme for the evening while the two of you volunteer as the game’s willing submissives with only your sexual preferences permitted as input in deciding the course of the evening.

The object of the game is first, to get down and gradually dirtier with your playmate and second, to accrue as many merit points as you can individually. Within each round of game play, you and your partner each take your turn accepting or refusing a physical activity and answering an optional trivia question to gain or lose points. The points are your currency in the game, the way to buy your own rewards and customize the activities to your changing mood and growing tension. The game ends only when you and your playmate mutually agree. For me, that was when I suddenly realized I’d lost track of time and company would be arriving in just 15 minutes!

The “smart” game appears in small, unobtrusive windows that list settings and options to cater the fun to your exact sexual mood or that describe your next activity or reward. In the Female Preferences window, I entered my name, clothing worn, and my favorite fetishes from fem domination and shaving to exhibitionism and anal play. My playmate followed suit with the Male Preferences window. (The male and female preferences only differ in terms of clothing to select from; the separate windows are easily adaptable to f/f or m/m couples). In the Accessories window, we listed all of the adult toys and fetish equipment we had access to in our home, from baby oil to chocolate sauce and handcuffs to candle wax. After a quick adjustment to different frequencies in the Game Settings window (e.g., for drinking, surprises, explicitness, etc.) and options in the Game Options window (e.g., for turning the trivia on or off, using an on-screen timer, sounds, etc.), the first round of our new adventure began.

Within a mere thirty minutes, I found myself hogtied and wearing nothing but my red lace French-cut panties. Memories of my virgin experience with teasing and sexual tickling lingered in my thoughts, my cheeks blushed with a recent hand-massage-turned-orgasmic, and I anxiously awaited the next move. My in-room playmate’s cock was fully locked and loaded, a dangerous pressure having built up from one round to the next. Although the short demo game had ended, our sexual appetites hadn’t. Taking direction from an objective program allowed us to drop the power play and accept the challenge of incorporating new experiences since we certainly didn’t want the stigma of losing. The next decision was obvious, and my hands were released just long enough to go through the quick steps to purchase and download the full version.

We energetically started a fresh game, eager to discover what surprises we’d be challenged with next. The background softcore illustrations of a curvaceous female in action with her male partner detracted from the technicality of the game while emphasizing our own intimate interaction. Each round suggested increasingly explicit activities. “Kiss your partner’s neck while stroking her nipple for 10 minutes” became “pop an ice cube into your bottom for one minute” and “keep your hands above your head as your Master eats your pussy for the next three minutes.” The end of each turn came with our favorite reward: the chance to choose how to spend our accrued points. By buying back some of my own clothing, I could keep my playmate as frustrated as I wished while indulging in a little CFNM (clothed female, naked male) or buy the privilege to peel off some of his clothing. When in the mood for a favor, I could exchange a few points for a random gift or action from my playmate, such as an impromptu massage or his assistance during my next bath.

The real fun began when our own competitiveness resulted in casting magic spells on each other to completely unbalance the scales. I selected a drunkenness spell from the list of point spending options to influence my playmate’s inhibitions. Alternately, he liked the idea of buying a favor mania spell that issued one favor after another on his behalf, leaving me with a lengthy to-do list to be carried out well after the game was over. At one point, I agreed to saying “I want you” or “please feel my breasts” after every sentence spoken in order to earn back a few points. We quickly realized just how much we enjoyed exploiting each other and selling ourselves for a few points and favors.

Four hours of foreplay ensued while we were completely unaware of anything but each other. I’d spent half the game in a little French maid’s uniform because my partner selected role play as one of his fetish choices. Thirty spankings were my reward for squirming provocatively on the bed for my “employer’s” delight. My white ruffled panties were discarded after a dictated 3-minute session of my partner nudging my crotch, leaving me sopping wet and happily frustrated. By the end of the game, I’d witnessed my partner’s prowess in an impromptu handstand, been tied up and released twice, succumbed to the power of tease, acted out our favorite porn movie, realized my dominant tendencies, and discovered a foot fetish. Now, that’s what I call putting the “spice” back into a relationship!

When we finally pulled ourselves away from the continuous surprises awarded by the game, I climaxed yet again; and he came twice after hours of the anguish of an eternal and unattended erection. We were physically exhausted, in awe of our marathon session, and covered in baby oil in the most obscene places. The entire apartment resembled the wreckage left by a tornado with costumes, bedding, wine glasses, and used toys strewn everywhere.

The greatest rewards were realizing our true adventurousness, discovering new fetishes to devote future exploration to, and sharing unrealized fantasies we hadn’t thought to openly speak about before. And we didn’t have to end the game there. There’s still a list of sexual favors that we’ll both be rewarded with throughout the week. I owe preparing a dinner naked, two one-hour massages, wearing his underwear one evening, and treating him like a king on another evening. Meanwhile, I have a lower back massage and the gift of a new sexy undergarment to look forward to. First though, I have to pick out which of my own panties he has to wear to bed tonight. Should I make him suffer through the night in a g-string?

Whatever your tastes, level of intimacy with your chosen partner, or favorite adult toys and sexual accessories, it’s impossible to be disappointed. I was amazed to find the game fully configurable with menus and options that even the least tech savvy of us can easily navigate and control. That’s especially handy when you’re in the heat of the moment and decide you’re feeling up to a little water play after all. In just a few clicks, you’ve added the fetish to your game play and new activities are instantly available. With 20 specific fetishes, 33 sexual accessories, more than 900 trivia questions, over 4,000 widely varied activities, and six levels of explicitness from tame to piping hot to select from, no single game is the same as another. Given that you can use your own creativity to delete, change, and add to the activities and trivia, your sexual exploration is endless.

This is one game you definitely must try at home. If you don’t, you may never have the privilege of watching your lover stripping to your favorite song or discovering that latent fetish. And when else would you have the opportunity to get real results from casting a magic sexual spell? Get out your magic wand, nipple clamps, ice cubes, anal plugs, paddles, and leashes for a series of experiences you’ll never forget.