Secret Desires

Secret Desires Bedroom Game for Couples

Secret Desires is a  game for 2 heterosexual players with drinking games, party games, intellectual  challenges and sexy interactions ranging from mildly erotic to sexually explicit. Its the ideal game for having a warm and romantic or sexy and naughty evening alone with the one you love. 100% tested and approved for Microsoft Windows 11!

Don’t worry if you’re gay, bisexual, or non-binary. We’ve got you covered! Secret Desires will not be the game for you, but you’ll LOVE Sexy Party and iBlush – Rebecca M.

Game News

Version 10 was released on 26th September 2023. This new version contains many improvements and updates.

What’s Special About Secret Desires?

We’re a kinky couple. I’m Rebecca, and I have a background in technical support and technical documentation. I’m also a voice actress and vocal coach. My partner, Dude, is a database specialist (and horny dog) who put his skills to good use creating the smartest sex game of all time. This game gets you naked, gets you TIED UP, gets you in all sorts of crazy “predicaments” – and then it knows what state you’re in and tailors activities towards this! It can be really wild at times!

When you purchase Secret Desires, you get full and unlimited access to Secret Desires, the hottest bedroom game for couples available now. Secret Desires has thousands of sexy activities for you to try together, including physical challenges and drinking games. There’s a “Battle of the Sexes ” module that tests your knowledge of the opposite gender, and you can spend points earned during the game to put your lover into a sexy bondage “predicament”



In the mood for a little light bondage? Secret Desires will help you out!




Secret Desires is currently on Version 8.0.0. Development on Version 9.0.0 started on June 2nd, 2021. We are aware that the player and game setup in Secret Desires leaves a lot to be desired. We’re working on it, I promise! Meanwhile, please take a few minutes to set your personal preferences and we promise the next edition of Secret Desires will have a much improved “wizard style” setup interface. Exciting things are in the pipeline and they’re all going to be completely free if you already own Version 8 – Rebecca Martinez.

Kinky fetish fans will LOVE Secret Desires. There are thousands of fetishistic activities, and you can “force” the game to choose sexy tickling activities (or any other fetish) in the GAME OPTIONS screen!




Secret Desires Features:
  • Fully  customizable screen backgrounds, text colors and borders.
  • Downloadable visual themes (skins) to enhance the game appearance.
  • Huge database of adult oriented sexy interactions for couples built in – with about 22,000 additional activities online for download.
  • Maintenance  screen for editing and adding interactions to the game, complete with comprehensive search and pruning functions.
  • Intelligent  Gameplay means that interactions match the player preferences and are relevant  to the current state of the game. Our unique A.I. logic makes for superbly tuned  games.
  • Picture  library that can be changed to show your own sexy pictures or an erotic gallery of your choosing.
    Sounds and Pictures can be associated with each interaction.
  • Automatic  Update function ensures that the program and its interactions are kept up to  date.
  • Many different aspects of gameplay that can be switched on or off as you  please.
  • The most configurable adult game ever designed. Everything can be adjusted, including the A.I. that determines how interactions are selected.
  • Professionally Designed and Tested for Windows XP and compatible with Windows 9x and Windows  NT.
  • Child Lock ensures that minors do not intentionally or accidentally view any of the content of this game.
  • Statistics for each game can be stored for posterity if you desire.
  • Each interaction can be “rated” so that the game system can learn what you both like  and dislike.




Jasmine’s Secret Desire…

“A sex game? Like spin the bottle?”

“Something like that,” Mike says, “but a little more complicated – and a lot more fun.”

He’s holding the laptop close to his chest. He looks real excited about it, whatever it is. A sex game. Spin the bottle? What the hell has he been doing today when he’s supposed to be writing?

“Before you say anything,” Mike says, “I finished the second draft of my screenplay. I’ve even printed pages.”

“So you’ve had time to get stuck into some internet porn?” I tease.

“It’s not internet porn.”

Mike lowers the laptop. I’ve offended him. I don’t mind if he looks at internet porn. I just don’t want him to think our bedroom is going to turn into some cheesy porn studio. But whatever he’s found is important to him. I decide that I’m gonna throw him a bone.

“Alright, Mike. What have you got?”

And that was how it all started. An innocent question and an overexcited husband. Now, I’m tied spreadeagled to the bed. He’s got me wearing that soft and floaty skater skirt he likes so much – and I’m not wearing anything else.

Yeah, I started Secret Desires with a pair of blue jeans, a Wet Hot American Summer T Shirt, and my favorite matchine undies.

The blue jeans didn’t last more than five minutes, and then Mike bought my t shirt with some points he won by pulling off a handstand for thirty seconds. He used some more points to tie me up, and then the game decided it was time for my underwear to say goodbye.

At least I wasn’t naked for long. One of Mike’s “Secret Desires” was to see me wearing that sexy skater girl skirt. I already agreed that I’d obey the rules of the game – unless anything weird or uncomfortable came up – and I was a good, obedient, wife. So for two rounds I was running around the house wearing just that damned sexy skirt, trying to hide my modesty as Mike chased me around with a peacock feather.

That didn’t last long. Mike was instructed to give me a ten minute back massage and he complied. It was the longest I’ve felt his strong hands on my shoulders. It even made the 10 spanks worthwhile afterwards!

Getting tied to the bed was a surprise. Finding being tied up a complete turn on was even more of a surprise! So now, I’m all tied up and wearing Mike’s favorite skater girl skirt. He’s just bought a favor from the game and I’ma  little bit nervous. He’s got to eat and kiss and lick my pussy for five minutes. If I come, he loses 200 points. If I don’t, I win.

I’m not sure what I’m hoping for here…