iBlush for Couples

iBlush is the sequel to our popular Sexy Party game. iBlush is a hot, fun, sex game for couples and swinging parties.

The game gets really hot, so if you don’t know each other all that well you’re really gonna know each other soon!

Thousands of hot interactions – including bondage, watersports, erotic tickling, male and female submission and just about every sex toy you can imagine. Good, honest, fun for you and your lover!

What is iBlush?

iBlush is a sex game for couples and group sex parties. iBlush is the kind of game you’ll want to play on a quiet night when it’s just the two of you (or just the eight of you!). Decant the wine, put on some smooth tunes and enjoy a night of exotic, erotic, pleasure with the one you love. iBlush can be enjoyed by up to eight players, but the game plays just as well for couples. If you want to join in with another sexy couple that’s easy to do also – and the game lets you pick exactly who you want to interact with.

Be warned – iBlush is for mature adults only and contains intense, explicit, super-sexy activities. This game is so hot you’re going to set the room on fire when you play it!

You Can Have It ALL!

Sexual Pursuits, Sexy Party, Romantic Dares, Secret Desires, Romantic Dreams and Romantic Pursuits can ALL be yours for a fraction of the cost of buying each individual game. Bring variety, magic, love, lust and adventure to your bedroom experience tonight!


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