iBlush Sex Game for Hot Couples

iBlush is the sequel to our popular Sexy Party game. This page is under development on 7th June 2021. For a very limited time we’ve dropped the iBlush price to $9.95!

Buy iBlush Version 5 Now – Only $9.95!

What is iBlush?

iBlush is a sex game for couples and group sex parties. iBlush is the kind of game you’ll want to play on a quiet night when it’s just the two of you (or just the eight of you!). Decant the wine, put on some smooth tunes and enjoy a night of exotic, erotic, pleasure with the one you love. iBlush can be enjoyed by up to eight players, but the game plays just as well for couples. If you want to join in with another sexy couple that’s easy to do also – and the game lets you pick exactly who you want to interact with.

Getting iBlush – Instant Access

iBlush is a “download and keep” game tjhat you install on your Windows 10 laptop or desktop. iBlush will also run on older computers without issue – right back to Windows XP! You can get iBlush by clicking the link below, which will transport you to our a secure ordering system that we’ve used for over twenty years. Your order is processed immediately and unlock details supplied on screen and sent to the email address you specify when you place your order.


Hey! Why So Cheap?

Well we haven’t finished the revised user instructions yet AND we’ve got big changes in the pipeline. Let me make it clear that we ARE NOT selling an unfinished product. It’s just that iBlush is going to see some really big changes soon and some of the screen designs and activities are going to change. You won’t pay anything extra when these changes are made, but we want you to play the game ASAP so we’re encouraging you to buy the “iBlush that dreams of being better” now instead of waiting. When you play this edition of the game you’ll agree that its the best $10.00 you’ve ever spent! – Rebecca M.


iBlush has some amazing features. Here are just a few of them

Thousands of Activities

The iBlush database contains over five thousand hot activities to enjoy together. And you can add as many more are you like using the unique activity editor!

LGBT Friendly!

No matter how you identify, this game works for you. You can set up gender preferences easily, saving the settings so the game remembers them for next time. You can even have multiple game settings for times when different friends come over.

Incredibly Versatile

We wanted this game to be as versatile as possible. Multiple genders, couple restrictions, swinging interplay. iBlush does it all. You play with who you want, when you want. The game is as hot as you want, or as tame as you want.

Activity Sharing

Gain access to a free online resource with the game’s built-in online activity sharing module. Thousands of activities shared by users just like you. You’ll never know what you’re going to discover when you import another user’s activities! Of course, it’s all completely anonymous!

How to Play

After setting up the players and game options, you just roll the dice and take your chances! You begin at the GO square, where you’ll see everybody’s little game icon lined up ready to go! The gameplay mimics Monopoly style games with a lot of sexy fun thrown in. There’s far too much to clog up this page. Click the link below to find out how the game is played and the kind of things that you can expect when you play!

iBlush Gameplay Details