Which Game to Choose

Great question! How about ALL OF THEM? We’re running a crazy discount where we’re practically giving away EVERY GAME WE MADE for $99. But here’s a little rundown on the benefits of each game.

Sexual Pursuits

The first and original “smart sex game for couples”. Sexual Pursuits is a game for a straight couple.

Sexual Pursuits is the original, smartest and HOTTEST erotic sex game ever designed. It’s a download and keep game that chooses sexy activities suited to the state of each player. This means that if you get horny, handcuffed, tied up or covered in baby oil the game will remember this and make sure the activities you get suit the situation you find yourselves in. Sexual Pursuits was the first game to include erotic bondage activities and “predicaments” to gameplay. If you get handcuffed or tied up, Sexual Pursuits will make sure that you get naughty activities perfectly suited to your situation! Pretty hot, right?

Sexy Party

The sequel to Sexual Pursuits, Sexy Party was our second project. Sexy Party is a game for 2 to 8 players and accommodates gay, lesbian, transexual and straight players. Players can choose exactly who they want to interact with and the game will make sure no unwanted hook ups take place.

The game includes drinking games, physical challenges, truth or dare, striptease and high risk gambling! In addition to all this the game has a very strong adult theme and includes many thousands of erotic activities to be performed during the game.