Sexual Pursuits for Couples

What is it?

Sexual Pursuits is the original and best adult erotic sex game for couples ever designed. It’s a download and keep game, and it sets itself apart from the competition by using unique advanced AI algorithms to choose sexy activities that are suited to the status of the game. This means that if you get handcuffed or tied up or covered in baby oil during the game subsequent activities will be tailored to this!

Bondage, kinky treats, striptease, drinking games and erotic (fantasy) magic spells – we have it all!

Don’t worry – you’ll only get tied up or handcuffed if you want to 😉


Don’t worry. If you like vanilla sex the game does that too! There are six levels of explicitness and things can be as tame as you like or as incredibly super hot as you like! You can change the screen backgrounds (wallpapers) to sexier or romantic background images – whatever you both enjoy most for your gaming fun!

What is Gameplay Like?

Good question! I knew we were going to get along! Here’s a little example…

The Game Begins – Jessica is Playing…

First, the female player’s status screen is shown. This shows the clothing items Jessica is wearing, the number of points she has, whether or not she is in a “predicament” (tied up, handcuffed, etc), the current explicitness setting of the game and the number of rounds the game has been played for.

Jessica clicks the Start Turn button to start her turn

Win or Lose Challenge

The first gameplay element is the Win or Lose Challenge. Jessica is presented with a challenge, or she may be asked to do something sexy or unuusal. If she wins the challenge, she gets the points. If she fails to perform the activity she loses the points. Don’t worry – the activities will all be appropriate to the current explicitness setting of the game, as well as the player fetish choices.

Jessica clicks the Win or Lose button to decide her fate!


That’s right! Next, Jessica will be asked to answer a trivia question! You can switch these off in the game settings if they’re not your thing, but we find them a nice little distraction and a cool way to keep the… um… pace from getting out of control 😉

Jessica answers the trivia question by clicking the button she thinks is correct. She will win or lose a random amount of points depending on how well she answers!


Next, the game will present you with a little surprise.

Jessica clicks the Continue button to… you guessed it… continue.

Drinking Game

Next, Jessica is asked to take part in a drinking game. Again, these can be turned off in the game settings if drinking is not your thing.

A Random Favor

Next, Jessica is awarded a random favor. The game explicitness isn’t too hot, so she and Gavin don’t have too much to worry about – yet 😉

Jessica’s Turn is Almost Over

Before Jessica hands over control to Kelvin, she has a chance to spend some of the points she has earned.

There are various things Jessica can buy with her points.

Buy Clothes

Jessica can strip Kelvin one or more item at a time by buying his clothing items!

Clothes Spell

By casting a magical spell, Jessica can have Kelvin gradually remove his clothes each time it’s his turn!