Sexual Pursuits Fetish Game for Lovers

The sky truly is the limit! Sexual Pursuits is a crazy hot game that pits lover against lover. There are sexy “Dare or Dare Not” challenges, surprises, favors, drinking games, magical erotic spells and more. If you like kinky stuff, you’ll find bondage and other fetishistic kinky treats. You can use all your sex toys with Sexual Pursuits to – and once you get started you’ll want to add more and more sexy toys to your bedroom arsenal!

What is it?

Sexual Pursuits is the original, smartest and HOTTEST erotic sex game ever designed. It’s a download and keep game that chooses sexy activities suited to the state of each player. This means that if you get horny, handcuffed, tied up or covered in baby oil the game will remember this and make sure the activities you get suit the situation you find yourselves in. Pretty hot, right?

Sexual Pursuits allows you to tie each other up for an extra naughty element of erotic fun! Don’t worry – you’ll only get tied up or handcuffed if that’s what you’re both interested in!

Don’t worry. If you like vanilla sex the game does that too! There are six levels of explicitness and things can be as tame as you like or as incredibly super hot as you like! You can change the screen backgrounds (wallpapers) to sexier or romantic background