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28th August 2021: Secret Desires 8.7.0 Released

We’re pushing forward to version 9, and this latest incremental release improves further on the game logic. More changes are coming, but for now you can enjoy the latest updates we’ve put in place!

Secret Desires 8.7.0 (Registered Customers Only)

9th June 2021: Sexual Pursuits 21.5.0 Released

We’ve had some feedback that the pictures in Sexual Pursuits were a little on the explicit side. The latest release addresses this and tones the default picture set down a lot. There’s no more nudity. Of course, you can still change the wallpapers any time you like.

Sexual Pursuits 21.5.0 (Registered Customers Only)

4th June 2021: Secret Desires 8.1.0 Released

Secret Desires 8.1.0 is now available. Follow the link below to download. This version is for registered customers only and you’ll need your registration details to access it.

Secret Desires 8.1.0 Download Link (Registered Customers Only)

2nd June 2021: Sexual Pursuits Version 21 Released

Sexual Pursuits Version 21 now available! Click the link below to get the latest version of this hot sexy game for couples!

Sexual Pursuits Version 21 Download Link (Registered Customers Only)

Click Here to Buy Sexual Pursuits

Note that you’ll need your password and authentification to unlock these games. Yes! Authentification is actually spelt authentication. We’ve been spelling it wrong for over a decade now so jusy go with it!

30th May 2021: iBlush Version 5 Released

We’ve just fixed a problem with activity sharing in iBlush. Get the latest full version below and share your activities more easily!

iBlush Version 5 Download Link (Registered Customers Only)

Click Here to Buy iBlush