iBlush Quick Start

Game Settings – Quick and (Hopefully) Dirty

This is the way most people will be playing iBlush, and it’s always good to begin with the basics. So on this screen I’m going to show you how to set the game up so a couple can get started playing together – Rebecca M.

When the game starts the default settings are loaded. Unless you’ve changed them, this is what they look like. Alan and Alice, a vanilla couple, and only interacting with each other. These default settings are useful because they provide a nice solid starting place for playing the game with your own personal settings.

Setting Each Player

First thing we need to do is change the player names. Click each player’s name in turn and use the keyboard to delete and type in your own names. Put both players names in first. It’s easier this way. Trust me. I helped design this.

Congratulations! You’re just customized iBlush for the first time! Do a dance, grab a beer! But we’re not done yet. Not by a long shot. Now we need to set up Robert’s personal preferences. We do this by clicking on the green tick to the right of his name. A new screen will appear, as shown below.

The first tab is fairly straightforward. This is where we tell iBlush our gender and sexual orientation. These settings are unique for each player, so if Robert doesn’t drink alcohol he can tell iBlush that here. After setting this page, click the Clothing tab to move to the next page…

Use this screen to tell iBlush what clothes Robert is wearing. Note that it’s a good idea not to start the game with too many layers of clothing. Sure, we’ll get you naked soon enough (or in your sexy undies, if that’s what rocks your boat). Just don’t put too many obstacles in our way. When you’ve told the game what Robert is wearing, go to the next page…

This is where we tell the game what icon we’re going to use to represent us as we move around the board. Remember arguing over who got to be the sports car in Monopoly? You can relive these moments again by arguing over who gets to be Snail or the Rocket, etc. Yeah, some of the choices are pretty lame. That was all my idea! Okay, moving along now! Go to the next page and prepare for shit to get REAL!

Okay, so we get to the exciting part of the player settings. The “Naughty Choices” page is my absolute favorite. This is where all the naughty and exciting stuff you’ve dreamed of (but been too shy to ask for) becomes an incredible sexy reality. Yeah, that’s what these games are for, baby. We’re here to get you guys fucking each other THE MOST EXCELLENT WAY POSSIBLE!!! When you’ve made as many sexy selections as you dare, click Save and Close to close the player settings screen. This takes you back to the main settings screenn. Here it is. I’m sure you recognise it from before!

Sex Toys and Accessories

This is one of my favorite parts of the game. We’ve got a lot of space on this screen and we’ll be adding new toys and accessories as we think them up. Don’t wait for us, though. Just get in touch and tell us what you want to see here. These games are as much yours as they are ours.

Select as many sexy things you can think of. Yeah, toothbrush is in there. Feathers are fun too. Gags, ropes, etc. Get in touch and tell us what you’re using and we’ll add it. We REALLY will. We play these games too, you know. Why do you think we’re so fucking good at this shit? Okay, when you’ve selected all the sexy toys you’ve got, quickly go to the next page.

Game Speed

Okay, this bit’s a little boring. But we have to tell the game how hot we want things and how quickly we want things to get hot. The controls are self explanatory here. Just take a little time to think how you want things to play out. You can always up the tempo during the game if you screw things up here.

We’re almost there. Really. You could even skip the next part and just click the Play button now. But you also have the chance to tell iBlush how you want the game to end. To be honest, when we play the game it usually ends when both of us have… well, you know 🙂

Ending The Game

There are many ways to end the game. Of course, you should stop when somebody says “that’s enough”. Going on past that boundary is a recipe for disaster. If a player wants to quit, don’t harrass them to keep playing. Do that and you’re killing the spirit of the game – and your chances of ever playing with that person again! But if you’re both willing AND you both agree to it AND nothing changes during gameplay to change all that, you can choose several ways to end iBlush’s game experience.

There is much more to iBlush that this, but these settings will get you playing asap. You’ll find more detailed instructions for tweaking the game settings by following the link below, when I get round to writing the more advanced instructions!