iBlush Gameplay Details

Oops! Major changes happening here in July 2021 – Rebecca M.

How to Play

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After setting up the players and game options, you just roll the dice and take your chances! You begin at the GO square, where you’ll see everybody’s little game icon lined up ready to go!

iBlush’s initial square – the “GO” square!

To begin the game, the first player clicks the dice to roll them and take their turn!

iBlush dice

What Happens Next?

iBlush is a Monopoly-style game experience. Game pieces move around the customizable iBlush board. When you land on a square you’ll be invited to take part in a sexy actitvity! If you have enough money, you’ll also be invited to buy squares on the board. Yeah, just the same as Monopoly. If you own a square and a player lands on it, they’re going to have to give you a sexy reward – or pay a cash penalty.

Tell Me About the Board

You move around the board. You collect $200 every time you pass the GO square. There are a lot of sexy things on the board. The game board looks like this:

When you land on any square on this game board, fun things happen. These include…

The Bus Stop Square

The Bus Stop is a place where couples (or swinging groups) meet to take part in hot activities. Every player who is situated on the Bus Stop will be asked to take part in the sexy activity.

If you land on this square it’s definitely time to get physical! Don’t worry! You’ll find that our physical challenges are more sexually demanding than they are physically demanding. Well, maybe demanding isn’t the right word…

Things get hot at the Sex Shop. Any sexy accessories you’re using in the game will come into play here. These can range from baby oil to vibrators and anal plugs. Make sure you tell the game every sexy little secret before you begin to make sure your naughty arsenal of sex toys gets used!

The Hot Sauna is the right place to be if you’re naked. And you’ll be getting naked pretty soon in iBlush. Enjoy each other’s nakedness with an activity suited to a steamy situation!

If you like a little alcohol, you’ll be able to enjoy your share when you land on this square. Your partner will also get involved – sometimes in quite unexpected ways.

You’re going to have some fun and games at the Movies, acting out some of the sexiest scenes you can imagine. You’re the star of your partner’s fantasies when you land on this square!

Need a little Sex Therapy? We’ll help you right away! If we’re in the early rounds of the game, you might have to tell your partner a little secret or two. Later, things get a little raunchier as you can see below!

The Fetish Hotel is the place to be for all your kinky fetish fantasies. Of course, you can tell iBlush every little secret you have when you set the game up.

The Swingers square is where things get interesting! Land here and you’ll be asked to partake in a little fun with another player besides your partner. Of course, you won’t be asked to interact with somebody you haven’y already told the game you want to play with. This is where your wife swapping fantasies become a reality – and all because the game suggested it!

Buying Properties

After completing a board circuit you’ll be invited to buy properties when you land on them. An example of this is shown below:

After buying the square, Jack’s icon shows up just to remind us all that he owns the property!

If you land on a square owned by another player, this is what happens:

Diane decided to Play instead of Pay! So this happens…

Diane performs the forfeit for Jack’s enjoyment!

More details pending – come on guys! I can only type so fast! And writing all this down is a real turn on as I’m sure you can imagine – Rebecca M.