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What is Sexy Party?

Sexy Party was designed to be “everything that Sexual Pursuits was not”. Sexual Pursuits was designed for a heterosexual couple to enjoy romantic and sexy adventures together. Originally designed for a sexy couple for their own pleasure, Sexual Pursuits could not be easily adapted for LGBT players. Additionally, Sexual Pursuits could not be adapted to allow more than two players to have fun at the same time. Hence Sexy Party was born.



Sexy Party can be played by 1 to 4 couples and it is possible to set the game options to allow players to interact only with their partners or with any other player (of the opposite sex!).

If you are into the swinging scene then Sexy Party is your game. 2 to 8 players can play this game, specifying a partner or not whatever the situation might be.

The game is fully configurable. Every player’s personal options can be adjusted (clothes they are wearing, fetishes they like, whether or not they drink alcohol and even the marker they wish to use when moving round the board!

Sexy Party Features

Over 17,000 unique and copyrighted adult activities…
Searchable activity editor
Online database of shared activities from other players like you.
Incredibly versatile: Sexy Party be played by one couple, two couples, three couples or four couples. Can be played by 2 to 8 single players or by one or more couples and single players at the same time.
Players only interact with who they want to (no strange or unwanted encounters!)…
The game can be saved and resumed at a later date…
Player preferences and game options can be saved and re-loaded …
Many different fetishes accommodated…
Many different adult toys and accessories can be incorporated in the game.