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This is the new home for Sexual Pursuits, Sexy Party, Secret Desires, Romantic Dares and iBlush. These are all sexy games for couples and swinging parties that you download and own forever. The games are played on your Windows 10 laptop or desktop computer, and the fun is never ending!

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It’s been a crazy couple of years. Nerves are fraught and tensions are high. What better way to unwind and relax than just getting stuck into each other, just the way you used to before life’s bullshit started to fuck with it all. Our games are here to help, and we’re giving you a 25% discount when you use the discount code HAPPY during the order process. Just look for the little Discount Box as shown below…

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You’re in the right place! Our games are super hot and will have you stripping down and getting sexy with the one you love. Bondage games, watersports, erotic tickling, exhibitionism, female domination, etc. We cater to every naughty thought you ever had. But if that’s not enough you can add your own OR you can search from THOUSANDS of ONLINE activities shared by kinky clients like you!

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Thanks for visiting our website, Sex Games for Couples. I don’t lnow how you found your way here, but I’m really glad you came. We develop and sell the absolute best foreplay games for couples and sexy parties that you’ll find anywhere in the world. Our games are available for MIcrosoft Windows 10. We also have a cute and powerful version of our most popular game that you can play on your mobile device!

How Do I Begin – Setting the Mood

You’re probably new to this. Maybe our game is going to be the first game you’ve brought into your bedroom entertainment. Trust me on this; you’re going to have a great time! But it’s important to get everything just right to make your sexy gaming evening into something really special. So follow this link to find out how to get the ball rolling without ruining the moment… Setting the Perfect Mood

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Setting the Mood…

Want to find out more? Click the image below to explore the hot games on our website. You can buy any game right now by clicking the game image on the right hand side. But use the menu above to check out our individual games to make sure you pick the one that’s right for you. Or, if you’re really affluent, just cut to the chase and BUY EVERY GAME WE MAKE by clicking HERE.

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