Foreplay Fun for Couples

If you’re lucky enough to have a HOT BABE like Bethany then you’re going to want to make sure you keep her entertained in the bedroom – and beyond. That’s where SEXUAL PURSUITS FOR COUPLES comes in!

Sexual Pursuits is the only sex game for couples that remembers the status of each player. The game knows if you are clothed, undressed or even wearing your underwear. If you get tied up the game knows that too! Hands cuffed behind your back? Sure! Hogtied? Tied spreadeagled to a bed? Sexual Pursuits knows each player’s status and tailors activities towards this! Incredible, right?

Intelligent Gameplay! The game keeps track of each player’s physical condition and ensures that activities are provided to suit the condition of a player (for example, if a player gets tied up as a result of an activity the game remembers this and tailors subsequent activities to this ‘predicament’.

Thousands of widely varying activities. Twelve thousand, to be exact. T W E L V E THOUSAND.

Built in Activity Sharing module to download thousands more activities from other Sexual Pursuits players like yourselves. All completely anonymous, of course!

Game Assistant to help “beginners” get the most from the game. For more experienced players, the GameĀ  Assistant is a lot of fun because she adds a mysterious and erotic random element to the game.

6 levels of explicitness from tame to extremely hot!

Many different fetishes.

Many different accessories and sex toys.

Maintenance screen for you to add your own activities!

Magic spells to keep everything incredibly sexy.

Drinking games to help lighten the mood – if desired (can be turned off).

Fun trivia section to get points you can spend on sexual favors and hot magic spells!

Sexual Pursuits, Sexy Party, Romantic Dares, Secret Desires, Romantic Dreams and Romantic Pursuits can ALL be yours for a fraction of the cost of buying each individual game. Bring variety, magic, love, lust and adventure to your bedroom experience tonight!