Writing a Personal Ad

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Writing a personel`s ad

How many times have you being reading a paper/magazine and come across the Personal ads? How
many times have you looked at a  personal`s ad on the internet? How many times have you wanted to reply to one?  And how may times have yo wanted to write one but didn`t know where to start? Worry not Here are all the tips you need to write your own personal ad and how  to reply to one.

Writing an ad

What are you looking for?
Write a list of all the things you are looking for in a man. For example, tall, dark, handsome, rich, old/young. Now cut the list up. For example, looking for tall, handsome rich guy in his mid  20`s. Personal`s usually only allow so many words so it is important that you put the most important things that you are looking for in a guy instead of silly trivia bits such as, must have blonde hair, blue eyes etc..

Who are you?
Now do the same but write a list that you think best describes you. (Honesty is the best policy.) How old are you? Are you thin,  petite, big built? Are you tall/short etc.. Now narrow the list to a small description of yourself.

Your interests
What do you like to do? Have you got an amazing  hobby? People that read personal ads are looking for a potential partner so they  will want to know if you have anything in common with them. Again write a short  list of the things that you are interested in. Don`t just write that you like quiet nights in and out so does everyone. Make it clear exactly what you like  such as, ice skating, art (write the name of your favorite artist.) Concentrate  on what you like that way you will attract guys that are interested in the same things as you.

Make your ad stand out
Most personal ads look and sound the same. Why not make your ad stand out from others. Write you ad in the form of a poem.  Add some humor. Use song lyrics. There are many ways in which you can make your ad stand out you just have to ad a bit of imagination.

Honesty is the best policy
The most important thing when describing yourself is honesty.  You are who you are and will only attract a man who wants  the person you have described. Which means you will lose out

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