Warning Signs He's Going to End It

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He's Going to End It

8 Warning Signs he`s going to end it

When a relationship ends we tend to wonder where it went wrong. Where there  any warning signs that he lost interest? YES. But you were so wrapped up in the  relationship or with other things that you didn`t even see it coming. Here are 10 warning signs he is no longer interested. Or maybe these are who you are acting. Either way it is time to take a closer look at your relationship and decide whether you want it or not.

He hasn`t called you for a few days - This isn`t necessarily a sign that it is over but if you are use to him calling frequently then there is  something wrong.

Picking fights - Does he fly off the handle more than usual? Is he  causing arguments over stupid little things. This is often a bad case when people are longer interested in a relationship but they don`t want to be the one to end it. Don`t beat about the bush ask him out right if he is no longer interested in the relationship.

Is secrative - He no longer wants to tell you where he has been or who was on the phone. Maybe the phone is off limits to you. He dissappears for hours  without an explanation.

He no longer refers to "we" but "I" - You use to sit and plan your  future together. "We are going to do this, we are going to do that". Now it is  "I am going to do this". You are no longer included in his future.

He`d rather spend time with his friends then you - You have to fight with his friends for his attention.

You no longer talk - once upon a time you would sit and have disscussions from everything to the weather to what is happening to the ozone. Now he just answers everything with yes.

Friends start asking what's wrong - Friends begin to notice tension or distance between you.

More critical of you - "That`s a horrible dress" Yet he helped you  pick it out only a few weeks ago.

Remember that theses are only warning signs and infact your relationship may just be going through a rough patch. Talk to each other first before you do  anything you may regret.

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