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Tuna Safe (TM)

We were caught up in the actual idea for this product, but reading the creator's story on the Tuna SafeTM website really hooked us - if you excuse the pun.

This website sells very high quality "American Apparel - Baby Rib" thongs with the Tuna SafeTM logo on the front and a small tuna fish image on the back. The design is simple, yet very very cute.

The website's creator, Christian, has a very clear and understated sense of humour which comes across when you visit the website - especially the FAQ area. All in all we think this website is well worthy of a mention because it is a plain, simple and functional design offering a very well thought out product.

If you'd like to contact Tuna SafeTM please use the details below:



Call or Fax:
Customer Service: 256.489.3849
Fax: 256.489.3849

Tuna Safe, LLC
PO Box 14506
Huntsville, AL 35815