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Tara Tainton's Website Review

"Take me to Tara!"

Tara Tainton eyes

You'll be glad you took the red pill when you click this button and enter Tara's content-rich and unparalleled "Hand-Up Free Zone". You could get lost in this website. It's really easy to submerge yourself in the writings on this website because they are so varied. And the site is updated very frequently.

 There are many different and varied sections to Tara's website. If you're looking for erotic stimulation you can head straight for the stories or "Tara's Tales". These are works of erotic fact and fiction to illuminate and energize the sexual centre of your mind. Illumination is a great word in itself to describe Tara's site in general. It shines amongst an adult Internet that's become mangled by advertisement and enshrouded in monotony. Sites like Tara's are, we hope, that future of the Internet's adult appeal. …

"Quite often sassy, sometimes sordid, and always sultry, Tara Tainton is really a woman like any other: completely different and unique unto her own."

These are Tara's traits and they are not for the tame or compliant. The website is the home of a liberated, sexually confident and uncompromising individual. We're sure that you'll be more than pleased to read the blog entries describing this exciting individual's erotic adventures. The invitation you are offered is a simple one: you are invited to peek into the life of an erotic author.

 Tara Tainton describes herself on the title page of this site as "author, lover, experientialist". It's a very apt description, as we don't know of anyone who knows erotica like Tara. Tara Tainton's website is PlayGirl Certified and has featured on 

Tara Tainton Image Two

"We all need a little guidance now and then…"

We mentioned in a previous review that this website is not one you should visit lightly. You should bookmark it first, set time aside and relax with dimmed lights and a cappuccino or glass of wine. Make sure your lover is by your side, if they can be, or at least allow them to later share the enlightenment that perusing this arousing and stimulating site will bring you. You'll find that you take more than a peek into this illuminating website. But be careful that you don't lose track of all time whilst you're staring into the light

Tara Sexy Pic
Tara Tainton Banner