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Tara Tainton Plays Sex Games

Wow! We were very lucky to be contacted by erotica author Tara Tainton.

Tara had seen the mention of our sex games website in the August issue of PlayGirl magazine and had decided to try our games for herself. Here's the review she wrote for her own blog. We were blown away when we read it. Its really quite inspirational...

Four Hours of Foreplay

I was left lying on my stomach, hands tied behind my back with silk scarves and one leg bent behind me across my back, leaving the ankle tied with my wrists. My red, French-cut knickers were still on, along with a matching red lace bra, the straps of which had slipped off my shoulders long before. Lying there on the bed, completely disheveled sheets wrinkled all around me, I anxiously awaited the next move.

But there was none. The timed play of the demo version of my new computer game was over, leaving me with only the memory of a hand-massage-turned-orgasm coloring my cheeks pink, my introduction to teasing and sexual tickling lingering in my mind, and my partner dangerously loaded with much more impatience than he is accustomed to. We looked at each other, mouths agape at the unfairness and cruelty of the world, and simultaneously agreed we had to purchase the full version. And we had to do it right now. Within moments, we were back in action, mutually deciding to start a new game, choosing among all possible settings and variations, and beginning another unpredictable adventure.
I discovered the Adult Sexy Games site less than a month ago. Its description was teasingly mentioned in none other than my August issue of Playgirl magazine (refer to page 10). I'm always interested in new adult-related websites, and I love checking out the new recommendations listed as "Buzzworthy Sites" in each issue now. I surfed to Adult Sexy Games right away.

The site is very basic, but that's exactly what draws you in. This is an honest business, real people (I know because I've communicated with the webmaster directly), and quality products: a variety of adult, sex-oriented computer games to enjoy in your own home with your partner or an entire orgy. It's your choice and definitely not the only one offered to tailor each of the different games specifically to you and your partner's separate interests, apparel, situation, turn-ons, and kinks and fetishes.

After reading the site owner's customer service commitment and invitation for honest feedback as well as customers' rave reviews, you're sold. Especially since you can download a trial version of each game immediately, have some sexy fun, and then decide if you think the game would become a frequent part of your personal play. And it most definitely will.

My chosen playmate and I were both up for something a little different, even something that involved inviting the laptop into our play time. I downloaded the demo versions, a sensuous environment was created with plenty of room to play, a few layers of clothing were carefully selected to start with, all of the toys were pulled out of their hiding spots and placed within easy reach of the bed. Then, the fun began.

We started with Romantic Dares, thinking we'd start with something light, simple, and sensuous to ease into computer play. Frankly, I can't remember where the game led us before our demo time was up, other than having traded a few tickles in unusual bodily locations, removed a couple of clothing items, and built up a lot of tension. We'd decided to play strictly by the game: no touching that wasn't instructed first.

We next hoped to speed things up with Sexual Pursuits, boasted as the favorite among Adult Sexy Games's customers and now available in version 10. With that many rounds of revisions and updates to include the needs and desires of their returning customers, the latest version of the game had to be good.

At the end of our permitted demo rounds of play, I was left hogtied on my belly with my lover ready to enter through the nearest orifice. We'd traded sexual favors, many of which have to be completed later this week outside of the game, planted various sexual curses on one another to really exploit each other, bought and sold each other's clothing with merit points to match the desired amount of teasing or revealing we wanted to do, and the pace of the game never slowed us down. We were looking forward to each new dare, surprise, mystery, or trivia question with baited breath.

Four hours later, we're left physically exhausted and completely spent, the apartment's a complete mess, much wine has been downed, we've reached deep in our psyches to release fantasies we'd somehow not thought to share with each other before, and we've done many things we'd never tried before. And we never stopped the game.

The sheets have been inadvertently pulled off the bed, we both have baby oil and KY Jelly spread over various parts of our bodies, empty wine and shot glasses adorn every end table, different pairs of knickers are lying on the floor, the pillows had been tossed away hours ago, and new outfits have been fetched from the closet. I spent the majority of the game as a French maid since we'd both selected costumes and role play as one of our desired fetishes, and that was the one my lover selected from our stash when a sexual surprise was awarded in his favor. Oh, and such a naughty maid I was. Innocent actually, but with a serious desire to be taken by my greedy employer.

He made me bend over to give him his favorite view often when he had more points to spend. I was instructed to massage his cock with baby oil while he stroked it only 50 times and I fingered his ass. I'd lost so many points that I was forced to end every sentence with "I want you" or "please touch my breasts." Sometimes, he obliged my request; sometimes he didn't.

We massaged each other often, focusing on different areas of each other's body, and bathed each other in licks, sucks, and French kisses. My toes were sucked after a foot massage while the hem of my maid's uniform was pulled up above my waist for my employer's enjoyment. My little ruffled white panties didn't last long, getting soaked when my employer was directed to nudge me between my legs for a set amount of time. I was spanked over and over again and had to agree to one future favor after another in order to remain in the game.

Even now that the game has ended for this round, the afterglow hasn't. Never had we incorporated so many different kinds of play all in one session. The variety and unpredictable combinations of actions and favors induced new fantasies, helped us to discover new aspects of ourselves and turn-ons that will now get their own devoted play time in the future. I owe so many favors to my lover that I'll be spending the next week cooking a meal for him while naked, giving him two separate 1-hour massages, wearing an article of his clothing for an entire evening, treating him like a king another evening, and wearing his underwear one evening.

Meanwhile, he owes me a 10-minute lower back massage whenever I desire it and has to buy me a new sexy undergarment. And right now, I have to go pick out which pair of my knickers he has to wear to bed tonight. Should I permit him the comfort of some boycut undies or force him to stuff himself into a cotton g-string? Hmmm...

Copyright © 2005 Tara Tainton of All Rights Reserved. Used with permission.

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