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Tara's Naughty Shop Website Review June 2006
tara's naughty shop banner

If you've ever wondered what to buy the lover who has absolutely everything then you don't need to wonder anymore. We can be pretty sure that unless they've uncovered the delights of Tara's Naughty Shop they won't yet be the proud owner of the exclusive, elusive and pretty-darned-sexually-condusive wares on offer there!

Tara's Naughty Shop sells the highest quality t-shirts, sexy undies, pin badges, mugs, teddy bears and other apparel all designed with one thing in mind - to let the world know whats on your mind.

There's an amazing selection of items here and an outrageously erotic selection of not-so-secret messages to set the pulse of your partner, friends and soon to be new friends racing.

 If you're not already a fan of Tara's erotic musings then you must check out her sex writings website at Its a website that brings sex well out into the open. A website, like our own, that invites singles and couples. It makes you feel welcome. It makes you feel like you are doing something natural and healthy by visiting, which is something some other adult sites don't make us

feel. After all, when did sex become wrong? Tara's got the right attitude and it shines through in her literature . The new naughty shop takes it a step further. A BIG step. In fact, as I write this review I have to admit that the website is living up to its name. I'm feeling very naughty, so I guess its pretty fair for me to say that I've been totally tainted by Tara.

The image to the left here shows my favourite message, and there are many to choose from separated into different categories:

The Hottest
Exactly as you'd expect from such a title, these are the most naughty of them all! So if you had something super-sexy on your mind and you wanted to get it out in the open these might be the sexy selections for you!

Dating and Relating
A great and occasionally super-steamy group of hot messages to make your lover proud, nervous or crazy.

Sexual Identity
Whether you've just found yourself, are still discovering yourself or are letting the whole world and his friend discover you I think this is the section for you. Say it loud, say it proud. Or, if you're nervous, say it on a cute Teddy Bear hidden under your pillow!

Culture Shock
Short, sweet and occasionally very profane. Shock the world with your statement and see if you can blow someone's....mind.

Sex and Body
You know what you want and you want what you know. Get out there, get it known. These messages will make sure that whatever's on your mind will be written in more than your eyes...

Kinky Stuff
My favourite, and we could do with a few more of these to suit some of our fetishes! A good start, though. For those of you who haven't experimented with fetishes - shame on you. Bend over and take 20 strokes from my cane!

Everyone is blogging, except me it seems, but this is a great selection for those of you who are,

Tainted by Tara
There's truly no better pastime, so if you haven't been tainted yet then we advise you start getting tainted now. She's the hottest writer out there, so snuggle up with your lover (or your fantasies) and abandon yourself to her prose when you next have a free minute. These are my favourite of all the naughty shop's contents.

Check out The Naughty Shop and embrace your inner naughtyness today!

Tara's Naughty Shop Banner