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Shareware Junkies Review

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Here's a review of Romantic Dares we received from Shareware Junkies. You can see the actual article at:

Shareware Junkies Review of Romantic Dares Sex Game

Romantic Dares Sex Game ImageThis is an easy to play adult game for 2 players. First thing, you have to swear you are over 18. Then the character set-up screen comes up.  The male and female must put in any details they wish, and be sure to check your  personal fetishes, which are adult indeed. [The least naughty is tickling, and  it gets much more adult from there.]

There are 8 fetishes listed, only 3 are allowed in the demo. You also set the  amount of money you start with, the number of rounds, how fast the game runs,  and whether the game starts romantic, hot or very hot. Then you go to the play screen. You turn over a card and read what the action is on it. If you decide to accept the card you receive the money printed on it, do what the card says and it goes onto a 5 card layout, which when you have all 5 cards you get a "Five Card Bonus" If you refuse a card you lose the money shown on the card.

There are also dares sprinkled throughout the game, and fetish cards. The demo version is only good for 30 days then it has to be register, also several functions are not available in the demo. Also in the demo you can only play 5  rounds at a time.

This is definitely a game for 2 consenting adults only. Check it out, however, if you do everything the cards say, you might not finish the game!

Ease of Installation:
Sound & graphics:
Reviewed by Stormy Strock