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Sex locations
"Not the bedroom"

If having sex in bed is getting a bit routine, try changing the venue. Sex outdoors or in unusual places can be incredibly erotic. It's this kind of wild, extreme sex that you'll remember forever. It contains all the elements of excitement.

Just remember: Indecent exposure is illegal, so be careful. But do have fun.

Print off this page and leave it where your partner can see it. He might just get the hint.

At a friends party
Try sneaking away to a dark room or the bathroom. The change of scenery that someone else's house brings and the feeling that you're being 'bad' and the urgency of the hurry-up-and-lets-do-it situation all ads to the intense excitement factor.

To make this more exciting tell your partner to go to the room a head of you and turn out the light and not make a sound when you enter the room. You can then feel your way to him and pretend that you are total strangers. (Make sure he is your partner first you don't want to have sex with a real stranger do you?)

In a phone box (at night)
Major turn on. The chances of getting caught are very high. Make sure that you pick a street and a time of night that is quiet. Phone boxes are very small which means you can get real close.

Wear a skirt with no knickers so you can easily pull it up, or down if someone comes a long.

On the back seat of your car
This is the ideal place for any time sex. All you have to do is find an empty back alley. Or you could have the windows covered in black then you can have it anywhere with out anyone being any the wiser of what you are up to.

Take a drive up the country side and find a secluded lane or empty field to drive on and have it over the bonnet. (Only appropriate in the summer months.)

In the office
In a conference room that has big windows an even bigger desk and a locking door.

If it is office hours find a store cupboard for a quickie.

In a Museum/library
Find a secluded corner without a guard nearby (usually easy in a museum) or if you're really daring, you can try to get away with doing it in a dark exhibit in the museum. Fondle each other under the desks at the library then wait until you are ready to orgasm then head for the toilets. Or better still orgasm while you are at the desk. This will not only send you wild but will also send him wild knowing that you are having an orgasm in such a place.

The VIP treatment
Book in to a fancy hotel and order room service of strawberries and cream and a good bottle of champagne. It won't just be the bubbles going to your head.

You could get your partner to book a double room and you meet up with him in the bar later. But the trick here is to pretend you don't know each other. You could be who ever you wanted. Then go back to his room for a night of unforgettable pleasure. (Don't forget the stockings.)

In the shower
Don't just have sex, why not give each other oral sex standing up with the water pouring down on you? Soaping each others body with a bar of soap can be incredibly erotic and lead to sensational sex!

At the cinema
Don't have full blown sex. Just masturbate each other until you both come then leave the sex for in the park on the way home.

Make sure you have a seat at the back and wear a skirt with no knickers but keep some hankies at hand.

In the Woods
The woods give a sheltered sense of privacy and primal instincts. The cool breeze, the earthy smell, sun streaming through the trees... Lay out a blanket and get naked covering each other with cream.

Try to find a forest with a stream running through it and continue your sex in the cold water. He will be standing to attention in no time at all.

On a Secluded Beach
While on holiday pack a picnic and drive around looking for a secluded beach. Once you are there find a corner so that if anyone did come a long you won't be spotted and enjoy each others body. Then continue on to sea for more pleasurable sex.

If you aren't going on holiday try finding a cave on a beach here. Or you could wait until night time then go and frolic around on the beach.

In Your Back garden
It's safe and private (just watch for the twitching of your neighbors curtains.) and is very erotic on the stars.

If your neighbors are too close for comfort, pitch a tent for the night. and take a cordless stereo.

In a Park
Swings, swings and swings need I say more. Wear a skirt so you can straddle him with out being to suspicious. (To avoid being caught by kids go at night.)