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5 Sexy games to play with your lover

When was the last time you played a game together? Well here are 5 for you to try and we are not talking about Monopoly. Why not spice up your sex life by playing some sexy games together. You will not look back I promise you this.

What's your fantasy?
What you need: 2 bags, paper and pen.
What to do: You each write down 5 or more fantasies that can be acted out together at the time you are playing the game. If your fantasy requires props have them at hand. Take turns each by pulling out one at a time and then acting out the fantasy.

If you pick one of your partner's fantasies and do not feel comfortable doing it, tell him nicely and chose another.
What it will do for you: You will get to know each others fantasies but most of all you get to live them out.

Hide the toy
What you need: An assortment of sex toys of your choice and paper with clues written on them.
What to do: Hide the toys around the house Then give your partner the clues and when he finds them he has to use them on you for as long as he wants. Then it is your turn to do the same.
What it will do for you: By using a variety of toys you can experiment with touching an find new erogenous zones you never knew existed.

60 Seconds
What you need: Just your tongue, lips and hands.
What to do: Take turns picking an area of your body and letting your partner spend 60 seconds lavishing that spot with sensual attention: kisses, licking, nibbling, caressing.
What it will do for you: You will learn what areas your partner is dying to have you pay more attention to and can let him know exactly what you want, so there is no more excuses.

Sexy Dice
What you need: Two different collared dice.
What to do: Use one dice as letters and keep the other dice as normal. Write a chart on paper that associates each letter with a body part and each number (on the other dice) with an action. For example:

1. Suck
2. Lick
3. Caress
4. kiss
5. Nibble
6. Variety

a. Stomach
b. Chest/breasts
c. Neck
d. Toes
e. Legs
f. .Privates

Take turns rolling the dice (both at once) and performing the action that you get on the body part that you get.
What it will do for you: This is fun and exciting as you don't want is next. You also get all of your body kissed, caressed etc.. Heaven

What is it?
What you will need: Blindfold, pearl necklace, marbles, your hair, silk, a feather, ice, a flower, a piece of your lingerie, a part of your body any thing that you want to use
What to do: Blindfold your partner your love and have them lie on their stomach without any clothes on. Sensuously trace over their bare skin with various objects and have them guess what you are touching them with, and tell you if they like it.
What it will do for you: Not only are you finding new erogenous zones but you are experimenting with new things that can become part of your sex life permanently.