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Seduce Your Man

10 ways to seduce your man

Wrap your mobile number in a pair of your sexiest panties and mail them to him.

Seduce your man by putting on a private strip show for him. Tease him as you take off each item of clothing and with the right type of sensual music (try Erotica by Madonna it is the most seductive song I've ever heard) you won't get to finish your stripping.

Have some provocative pics taken of yourself and send them to him in the post. (Make certain that he knows they are from you or he might get the wrong idea.)

Do the housework naked.

The three B's
Back rub, at night before sex, Blow Job in the morning before Breakfast in Bed.

Write him an erotic story featuring you both. Then tell him you want to act it out.

The next time you go out for dinner wear a skirt with no panties on. This works best when you are out with friends, and half way through the meal tell him or better still let him feel that you are not wearing panties. This is guaranteed to drive him crazy.

Call him at work in the middle of the afternoon and tell him what you are going to do to him.

The next time he phones you engage him in phone sex.

When he comes home from work have a bottle of chilled wine, a bubble bath with rose petals, scented candles, soft music and you waiting for him to dive in.