Pros and Cons of Office Romances

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Pros & cons of office romances

OK so you fancy the guy in the office and he feels the same way  but is an office romance realy a good idea? There are many issues both positive and negative to consider before engaging in office romances. Here are a few to think about.


  • You will already know a bit about each other.
  • You don`t have to go looking for a date.
  • You get a free lift to and from work.
  • You can have sex in the store room and not feel guilty.


  • One or both of you might get fired.
  • You will have to deal with office gossip -- which might cause problems if  you are trying to keep this quite.
  • If you fall out it can cause a bad atmosphere in the office.
  • Spending to much time together may cause friction in the relationship.
  • You may fall behind on your work.
  • Because you must usually keep office relationships a secret, other employees may flirt with your partner or vice-versa.
  • Accusations of favouritism.
  • There is always the fear of sexual harrasmant if the relationship should end badly.
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