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Three Wishes by Anne Tyson

You find my lamp while exploring a cave...
Just junk, you assume, but still something to save.
Cleaning it up when you get back to camp,
You unearth the secrets within the old lamp.

You didn't believe in Arabian history...
Of genies and folklore, of legends and mystery.
But now that I'm summoned, you're caught by surprise.
You didn't expect what you see with your eyes!

I ask you the date, and with that, it appears
I've been trapped in that lantern for 5000 years!
I'm stretching my legs 'cause I have quite a cramp
After all those blue moons in a tight-fitting lamp.

The lamp, it turns out, isn't all that is tight...
My halter is snug, and my boobs are a sight!
And so, here I am, and you seem quite enchanted.
I tell you three wishes are yours to be granted.

"Master", I'm saying, "Good fortune's at hand...
Whatever you wish for shall be my command!"
I grant your first wish, and it's certainly clever...
You tell me you want to be living forever!

Having now sidestepped your date with the grave,
Your second wish now is that I'll be your slave...
Your personal sex toy each day from now on.
That's granted, and two of your wishes are gone.

Your sex slave? Oh well, I can't place any blame...
Men throughout history have wanted the same.
It's been a long time since I've been with a man,
But I know what you're doing as you tie my hands...

Wasting no time with your efforts to bind me,
The knot is secured with my hands tied behind me.
You gag me, as well, like the Sultans would do,
They always got into the "bondage thing", too!

You're cutting my halter away with a knife,
And you're simply having the time of your life!
You're saving your third wish, you freely admit,
'Til after you've sucked an Arabian tit!

Turning me over to lie on my back,
You pull my legs open and give me a snack.
You have all you need, I begin to suspect,
And the sands of eternity prove me correct!

Anne Tyson is the webmistress for, showcasing
her various styles of erotic poetry.