Men to Avoid Dating

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5 men you should avoid dating

The mummys boy
This guy probably lives with his mother if not,  close enough for her to pop in for tea (most nights). She will have helped him  pick out his decor and there will be photos of her all over his apartment. He goes for sunday dinner and has several cartons of homemade meals in the  refridgerator.
Why you should stay away: You will never live up to his  mother and although he will love and cherish you forever he will take hi mothers  side every time.
How to get shot of him: Tell him you don`t like his  mother.

The body builder
This guy will have photos of himself on every  available space, his own home gym (even though he has a life time membership at  the swanky one in town). He has all the latest gadgets and home entertainment.
Why you should stay away: You will never see him as he is  always down the gym, he will spend more time in the bathroom then you. He  collects trophys and likes one hanging off his arm.
How to get shot of him:  Tell him to give up the gym.

The Womanizer
This guy will treat you like a princess and is the perfect lover. He dresses well and is out to impress and impress he will (every woman he comes in contact with). He will of course have trouble  remebering your name what with all the women he has on the go.
Why You should stay away: His excuses for not showing up are getting more pathetic. You will have to compete with his phone for time as he has so many texts to answer.
How to get shot of him: "I use to be a man"

The Workaholic
This man is going places but will he be taking you with him? He is smartly dressed, has great taste in decor eats at the finest  resturants but his work will always come first.
Why you should stay away:  You have to make an appointment to see him. He will take you to elegant dinner  parties then leave you with strangers while he talks shop.
How to get shot  of him: "I`m taking a year of to travel do you want to come?"

Your college lecturer
He is probably older than you, more  worldly and get you a good grade but will always be his seceret.
Why you  should stay away: If anyone found out about you they will say you slept your way  to better grades. Plus he would lose his job and possibly his teaching position.
How to get shot of him: Tell him somebody is blackmailing you and if you don`t stop seeing him they are going to report you.

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