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Meeting Potential Partners

Places to meet potential partners

Here are a few places that may be of interest to help you find a potential partner.


  • On the internet -- There are many singles sites on the net where you  can pick and choose from millions of potential partners.
  • Through a friend -- Friends have partners who know lots of single  guys and the best thing is she knows you so can pick suitable applicants.
  • Bingo night -- You might win more then the house.
  • At work -- You are probably already friends and will know a little  about him.
  • Late night shopping at Tescos -- You will find a lot of single guys doing their shopping late at night.
  • On holiday -- Sea, sun, sand and plenty of the other.
  • In a bar/club -- Don`t let the drink choose for you.
  • At a concert -- Lots of single guys with the same taste in music as you.
  • At the laundrette -- Hey guys don`t own washing machines.
  • At a party -- Parties were invented for single people.
  • At a wedding -- All the groom`s single friends.
  • On a blind date -- All you need is a friend to set you up.
  • Through family -- Hang around with your relatives who have single  friends. (Yeh it`s sad but you never know).
  • At a school reunion -- You never know you may finely stand a chance with the captain of the football team. Or the geek may have turned into a hunk.
  • By Chance! -- My favourite
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