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Pro`s and cons of living together before marriage

Deciding to live together before marriage needs a lot of thought. This big step will change your relationship forever for better or worse. Make sure you`ve weighed all your options before making any rash  decisions. Here are a few pointers to bear in mind.



You will get to know each others routines and  any habits they have that you have yet to see.

Living together will give you the chance to find out if you can  live together. After all it is easier to walk away from a relationship if you don`t get a long then it is to walk away from a marriage.

You will get to see him in all moods good and bad. At the moment he puts on a show for you and can put of seeing you if he is having a bad day. Where as living together you will see all sides of him.

You`ll get to see him for what he really is. Farting, smelly socks and all. You will also get a feel for how he lives whether he is hygienic or if he only cleans up when you`re coming to visit.

You get to have more sex and set a pattern ready for married life.

If either of you have any doubt about marriage, living together  will confirm whether you are right for each other or not.


One of you may get to comfortable and put of the marriage which could cause a problem if the other wants to get married as soon as possible. You should put a time limit on how long you are going to live  together before marrying.

It takes away the excitement after getting married.

It can cause problems if you are from a strict religious back  ground and are not planning on having sex before you are married. The temptation  is just to high and may lead to arguments.

There is always the matter about money. This can cause great problems if one puts in more then the other etc.. You should set rules about finances before you even decide to live together.

Statistics show that the longer a couple live together the less  likely they are to get married and also that the divorce rate of people who lived together before marriage is much higher then that of people who waited  until they were married before living together.

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