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Kissing  ideas

1. Ice kiss 1
Place a small ice cube in your mouth find  your partner and give him a kiss. He will be pleasantly surprised by the  coldness of your lips. Then pass the ice cube back and forth until it has melted. The is guaranteed to send chills through both your body`s and I`m not  just talking coldness.

2. Ice kiss 2
Place an ice cube inbetween your lips. Starting at your partners lips slowly rub the cube over his lips down his neck  and to his chest very, very slowly so that the cube doesn`t slip. You can take this as far down as pleases the both of you. Then have him do the same to  you.

3. Reward him with a kiss
The next time your partner performs a disliked chore show your appreciation by granting him a kiss in a place you know he will enjoy. He will want to do more chores more often.

4. Post a kiss
Use Post-It notes to make a trail through  your house that leads to your lips. Put a scarlet red lipstick on and kiss each  note then draw an arrow on each one. Then place them sparingly through the house leading to where you are. When he gets to the end you will be standing, or lying there with a post-it note over your lips or other place that you want to be kissed that says, "LIFT FOR A KISS"

5. Buy a kiss
Write your partner out a personal check  for 1,000 kisses. Tell him he can cash it in at anytime.

6. Breakfast in bed kiss
Get out of bed early and prepare your lover runny boiled eggs and toast cut into thin slices. Wake him up  with a smile, a kiss then begin to feed him with the toast inbetween your lips. He must eat it until he gets to your lips and gives you a big kiss.

7. The unexpected kiss
When you and your partner are  sitting doing every day things that you do, lean over and give him a kiss for no reason and tell him that you love him.

8. Kissing ears
Whisper to your lover how special he is  and how much you love him. then seal it with a kiss.

9. Sleeping beauty kiss
Awaken your lover from slumber with gentle kisses all over his body and working your way down his body until  you get to the point where you know he is a wake.

10. Kiss coupon
Send your love a kiss coupon entitling him to one free kiss when ever at any time

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