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Is He Interested?

Is he interested?

You have showed enough leg that any more would have revealed your knickers, your eyes are aching with batting your eyelashes so much. But is he interested? Here are some sure signs  that he is interested and some that tells you to forget him.

Sure signs he is interested

Whether you have or haven`t flirted with him he is more  flirtatious towards you then any other woman in the place.

If his friends start asking you questions such as, what is your  name? what do you think of ....? (the guys name.) Or even if his friends are paying attention to you after he has been staring at you. This often means that he has been talking about you.

If he keeps smiling at you from the other end of the room.

If he listens to what you are saying and not just staring at your breasts.

If he asks you to dance before asking anyone else.

If he slips you his phone number

Sure signs he is not interested

You start talking to him and he blatantly ignores  you.

He moves away every time you approach the part of the room that  he is at, even if you aren`t going towards him.

He is nasty and rude when you try to talk to him.

He snogs your best mate.

He laughs at you with his friends.

Would you really want this guy any way?

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