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Hot Hints - Sex Tips from ourt Visitors

Hot Hints Submitted by Our Visitors:

"Sometimes when she tells you it's not your fault, it really isn't. There are many reasons why a woman won't manage to reach orgasm - communication is always the best way to reach this illusive goal."

"Remember that you're there to have fun with your partner. Joy and satisfaction are the goals, whether the two of you are just scratching a mutual itch or affirming a lifelong bond. So be generous to your partner -- the satisfaction you give her will come back to you."

"A quickie can be fun, but there's no need to rush to orgasm every time you have sex. Sometimes it can be fun to tease your way to orgasm, whether you're having sex with a partner or solo sex. The next time you're enjoying a night of passion (or afternoon delight) try bringing yourself or your partner almost to orgasm and then back off, again and again. When you finally can't take any more and decide to climax, the intensity of the release you've built up to will be incredibly pleasurable."

"dont wear a short skirt and a top that shows clevage at the same time men like womens bodies being revealed but not too tarty!!"

"on a 90 degree day you take a drive up river to a remote area.  get yourself  cooled off and then get down along side of the riverĀ  wow what a rush..."

Rules for men:
1 look at her eyes.Don't stare at her breasts. Women hate  that.
2 start slowly (hint*use oils).
3 if you had already pre-come then, use mouth to mouth.
4 let her know that her body is a  temple of sexual desire so, say it don't play with it.

"Never call your girlfriend's or wife's name other than hers..."

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