Getting Over Being Dumped

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How to get over being dumped

Virtually everyone has been dumped at some time in their life. I know I have and I know how much it hurts. Rejection is like a severe  pain something twisting your insides. You may even feel nausea, headaches and  even sickness. You may even find that for some reason you are subject to every  cold and bug within a mile of you. Picking up the pieces is very tough. You will wish that your life could go back to the way it was before he left and you will live in hope that he will return. You may even feel that no body will ever want  you and that you will never find love again. This is of course nonsense but you  will not realize it until the day you are finally over him.

So, how can you get over the pain? How can you learn to live again? How can you stop feeling that you are unlovable and unwantable and that fate has marked you out for a lifetime of solitude, misery and bad luck? How can you start to enjoy your new single life and start to have some fun?

The first step
You have to realize that he is not coming  back to you. This is a painful process and it doesn't matter whether you are young and have lost the boy of your dreams or you are a 40 year old who has been left by her philandering husband of 20 years. The healing process is still the same.

Remember that you will get over him. It might not seem like that right now but believe me in time you will.

Let it all out. You may cry for a day, a week even a month or two and when the crying stops you will know you are half way there.

Talk to your friends and family. Talk about your ex  until you have no words left to say. You will know you are getting better when  you are bored with the subject yourself.

Get angry
Shout, yell, scream even punch a pillow (don't punch anyone though as you can end up in serious trouble.) Let all your anger  out. Then take 5 minutes to calm yourself down by taking some deep breathes and  not moving. You will feel much better at letting all your anger out and feel even better once you are calm.

Look after yourself
You may be off your food, not  sleeping properly, over drinking, smoking generally not looking after yourself.  With all the added stress this will begin to show. Take long, hot scented baths, play music that helps you to let your feelings out and allow other people to get close to you and to care for you

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