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Flirting No Nos

Flirting no, no`s

Don`t rely on others to make things happen for you. The only way to get the man you want is to go out and get  him yourself. Men like women that are confident, women that will approach them. You aren`t in the playground now, where you would get your friends to ask the boy from sixth form out for you. You are an adult now and if you don`t want to  settle for second best you have to go out and get your man. Alone, without help from your friends.

DON`T tease
It is one  thing to flirt but teasing can land you in trouble. Have fun, clean fun. If you are interested in a man you don`t need to lead him on into jumping to the wrong  conclusions. Don`t offer what you don`t intend to give. The man may become heavy if you don`t give him what you have been suggesting you are going to give  him.

Give him room to breath
Don`t crowd him to much or cling to him. Don`t follow him around or keep your eye on him. He is probably out for the same reason as you flirt with all the girls. Instead back off and play it cool keep him guessing.

Don`t let rejection get you down
All of us at one time  in our life experience rejection from the opposite sex. You might feel a bit down at the time of it happening but you can`t let it hold you back. If we never  got rejected we would all be with the wrong guys (it may sound strange but it is  true because we might just decide to settle with someone without having set our  goals higher.) We have put together a page for you on how to handle  rejection.

Don`t fidget
Fidgeting is a sign of nervousness and lack  of confidence and can put many people off wanting to approach you. Even if you are nervous hold your posture and keep your hands and legs still. Better still  get onto the dance floor and put your hands and legs to good use.

DON`T  get to drunk
This is the last but the most important. Being drunk can make a usually ugly guy seem handsome and can lead you to give him your phone  number or worse still going back to his place and waking up next to him in all his unsightly glory. When you are drunk you also aren`t aware of your  surroundings or what is happening and can also leave you forgeting what took place the night before, good, or bad. This is the one time you need your friends. Make sure that they don`t leave with out you and that they see to it that you get home safely.

Now all  that is left is for you to have a good time and know your own limits

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