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The fine art of  flirtingHow many times have you been in a lift with someone, stood at the bar bumped into the guy of your dreams but you haven`t had the courage to talk to him? Well you are not a lone because it happens to us all. (Unless you are my friend Sally of course).

It was a Sunday afternoon and I was waiting in a local bar for Sally to arrive. We hadn`t seen each other for ages so we decided to meet for lunch and catch up on all the latest gossip. When she walked in I couldn`t  believe what I was seeing, Sally wearing a low cut top and the tiniest of skirts  I had ever seen with a pair of strappy heals on. (Talk about your Sunday best.) Looking down at my own tatty jeans, trainers and sweater that was 2 sizes to big, you can pretty much say I felt a bit underdressed. I hadn`t noticed the way she walked before but now I couldn`t help but to look she was swaying her hips like they were about to fly off. And I wasn`t the only person to notice all the  men there turned to look.

When the bar man came over to take our order he couldn`t keep his eyes off Sally. When I give  him my order he just said yeah then turned to stare at Sally again. Well I  couldn`t believe what happened next. She began curling her hair around her fingers looking straight into his eyes and with a seducing sultry voice asked  him what was the dish of the day. I had never seen a man blush so much in all of  my life and to this day I still haven`t. He took our order and rushed away as  quick as his legs could carry him.

I sat there half between anger (at being ignored) and hysteria at  the sight of his beetroot red face. There I was sitting with Sally clean cut Sally whom had never looked at a man never mind flirted with one acting like  Sharon Stone in a scene from Fatal Attraction. What has happened to you I asked her. She told me that her becoming the mistress of flirting had all started as a  bet between her and the girls at work. They always teased her about blushing every time a certain guy walked into the office. So they dared her to seduce him and if she couldn`t that she would have to kiss the boss and that would mean instant sacking or even worse him taking a fancy to her (he is fat, 50ish and  bald with smelly breath.) If she won the bet they would each give her £20 which  meant she would get £120 all together. She told me that she was terrified and that every day he was due to come into the office she would phone in sick. But the girls set her up and one day when she wasn`t expecting to see him he walked into the office and worse still over to her desk and asked her what she wanted him for. With out thinking she pulled him forward and planted her lips on his. She then went on to tell me that she had never felt such adrenaline like it before and that knowing she could have a man wanting her so much was just to much for her not to use and she has done so ever since. She still took the girls  money even though they where the ones that brought her out of her shell.

I`ve got to give it to her she knows how to flirt and have seen  her in action on many occasions. As for me I had to watch and learn.

Here is some advice for all of you none flirts out there or for  those of you that want to be better flirts.

We all need it whether it is to go and get that higher paid job or get the man we want and no one got any where flirting  with out it. Start off slowly. You have to let people know that you are approachable.

Talk:Go out of your way to talk to the person  sitting next to you at the bus stop, on the bus, in the lift or even in the  queue at your local super market (great place for meeting single guys.) It doesn`t have to be just men if you haven`t got much confidence in talking to people then start off by talking to women then gradually build up to talking to  men.

Smile: Every day make a point of smiling whether it is to your grumpy old neighbour or the office gossip that spread some rumors about you last week. It will not only make you feel happier but also make those around you feel happier. Happiness attracts and people will want to get to know you. You may even get a smile from your grumpy old neighbour.

Go it alone: When was the last time you went some where on your  own? Not to work or the shops but out to a bar, a party even the cinema. What  was that never I hear you say? Well that won`t do at all. Start of by going somewhere that is of interest to you like an art gallery the theatre it can be  any where you will not only meet people with the same interest but you will have the knowledge to talk to anyone you meet about the subject. This also allows you to practice talking to strangers and smiling.

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