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Fawnias Q and A for Relationships

We thought you'd like to read this interesting Question / Answer morsel from Fawnia's website. You can find out more about Fawnia Mondey and her Exotic Dance website by following the link at the base of this article.

Q: : Fawnia,

I read on your website that you were Miss Nude BC, and I must say, congratulations on such a feat! My question for you, the "sex-pert" is, that my wife and I have been married for 6 years, and our love life hasn't been as hot lately. We are both only 30 years old, and I am in no way ready to throw in the towel…Do you have any tips on how I can spice things up?

Mark Omai, British Columbia CANADA

A: Hi Mark,

Thank you very much for the compliment on winning Miss Nude BC; it was an excellent contest featuring BC's top dancers. First off I must congratulate you for searching for ways on how you can improve your sex life. Throwing in the towel may leave you with regret, only to be looking back and thinking "what would have happened if I tried. If only I took the time to learn more about what she and I liked, or simply stepped back and stared into her eyes as an outsider may and get to know her all over again." There is a reason you fell in love with her, and I would like to offer you several ways you can have her falling in love with you in the bedroom again too.

An unfulfilling sex can create resentments powerful enough to erode -- and eventually destroy -- even the happiest relationship. In other words, you'd not only "prefer" some sizzle, both you and your wife need it! I know you are feeling this already, so make a point of either talking with her or making some changes that will have her taking notice and giving more to you in return.

Gently let her know that you would like the two of you to make an effort to get out of this rut by being more caring, adventurous, and passionate -- or your marriage will surely suffer. (You will need to do this is you want a 10 year anniversary)

Then, I suggest taking the initiative yourself. This may sound cliche, but it works: Surprise your partner by emerging from the bathroom wearing a new pair of silk boxers. If you know that she has always wanted you to wear leather pants for example, get shopping and make an appearance at home with music and candles. She has been fantasizing you in these for a while, and knows it's not really you to wear them, so when you take the time to shop and wear what she has always wanted to see you in, she'll know you care and that you appreciate what matters to her. If you don't know your wife's fantasies, ask her; reveal your own.

Some popular advice would be to take turns tickling each other with a peacock feather or massaging one another with aromatic oils but if you have already tried this, I have some new ideas for you.

Have you thought about exotic dancing? I don't mean visiting the strip club with your wife, though you can do that too. What I am talking about here is doing a strip tease for your partner, and having her do a show for you in return. You may be thinking to yourself, I can't even dance let alone pull of a good strip show! This isn't about looking professional and impressing a room full of people. Vision you and your wife at home alone, with music, wine and candles, and you surprising her with a private one on one dance. Would she be doubled over laughing? Or would she slink back a little deeper into the couch with a devious smile? We don't know, and it doesn't matter. This is about you getting out of your comfort zone, and bringer with you to another place she may have not known existed. Where to start? On I have several instructional exotic dance videos for both yourself and your wife on how to strip tease for your partner, do pole dancing, and recently added is one on weight training.

Exotic dancing is fast becoming a common activity in many homes across America. I began teaching to exotic dancers in 1996, but since then it's the non-dancers who are learning the art of exotic dancing and enjoying its long term benefits which include more body tone, weight loss, improved self confidence and for you Mark, a dramatically improved sex life.

If you know that your wife is open to the idea, you can surprise her with a pole from The Lil Mynx poles come in many different colors and they now have one which is completely removable and portable leaving no holes or marks. Doing pole dancing is more then just holding on to a 2" diameter piece of metal. It's empowering and this is what you want your wife to feel. Empowered! A confident woman will be more likely to take the initiative in the bedroom, and it can all start with a Lil Mynx pole.

I hope you are intrigued by my suggestions. I know first hand that they all work, but I'll let you and your wife experience this for yourselves. Here's to wishing you a more then satisfying marriage.

Visit Fawnia Mondey's Exotic Dance Website