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Fawnia Mondey Exotic Dance Lessons

   "Release your inner diva, and shape up your body, with Fawnia's unique series of
instructional exotic dance videos, books and workout videos."

We've got to warn you that this website might put ideas into your head. It certainly put a lot of ideas into ours. There's a lot to this dancing thing. And there's a lot to be gained from it too. Its not just about bringing something different and magical into the bedroom (and thats enough as far as we are concerned) but its also about the body beautiful, and getting into shape. Thats something that everyone needs to think about in this fast-living day and age.

   "Discover How To Strip Tease for your Partner, while Toning Your Body.
Pole Dancing for Fitness, Career, and FUN!"

I can tell you from experience that there's a lot of fun to be had when your wife decides to perform a strip tease. But Fawnia's site provides instruction videos, stripper success ebooks and HOT HOT HOT videos / DVDs to instruct and titillate. There are instructional videos on pole work, dance moves and lap dancing. And the ladies aren;t left out either as Fawnia has included male exotic dancing treats on her site too.

We definitely recommend Fawnia's exotic dance site because in so many ways it demonstrates ways to improve self esteem,. physical prowess and sexuality between couples. Its a well designed and easy to navigate site.

   "But what if I don't give a hoot about getting fit and I just want to
enjoy looking at some fit women?"

Fortunately, for all the couch potatoes out there there's And I'll tell you one thing - they do not come any fitter than gorgeous Fawnia. We were hypnotised by the free video sample and we loved the free photo galleries. Members get much, much more than that when they sign up.

If you're a guy interested in women with muscles then you'll be transfixed by Fawnia and the other girls on her site. Even if muscles aren't your thing I'm sure you'll still find this site a sexy turn on. We recommend sitting down with your partner and enjoying this site together.