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The Amazing Bonus Content DVD!
We're always looking for ways to help our customers understand how important to us. We're giving away a free bonus software DVD with every adult game bundle ordered on DVD. So, if you order more than one game you'll receive the bonus DVD. This DVD is absolutely 100% free when you order any 2 games or more on DVD.

At AdultSexyGames.Com we all love our games and we all love computing. We're all just a little bit naughty too, so we've really put our heads together to bring you the kind of software and content DVD you'll want to keep and use over and over again. It's taken a lot of time and effort to find the right stuff, but we know you'll be happy with the result. bonus dvd
Bonus DVD Contents:
We're in touch with our customers and the things they like to do. Thats why our bonus DVD contains stuff we're sure that you're going to enjoy.

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Original Artwork Picture Galleries:
These pictures were created exclusively by our resident artist, Joshua Falken, and you'll not find them anywhere else. Ideal for use with the Romantic Dares and Secret Desires games as additional picture galleries, or on their own and enjoyed together as a couple. Joshua's artistic style is best described as "realistic and occasionally fetishistic 3D art". You can view some of the artist's work on his personal website

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PC Tools:
One of the finest collections of PC tools you are ever likely to find. Performance enhancing utilities to speed up your PC and optimize your internet connection. Virus checkers, adversiting and spyware detectors / removers and system diagnostic / repair software. Probably the most comprehensive collection of tools you are ever likely to find.

The software in the PC Tools section of the DVD includes the following titles*:

    AM-DeadLink detects dead links and duplicates in your Browser Bookmarks. If a Bookmark has become unavailable you can delete it from your Browser. AM-Deadlink checks Bookmarks from Internet Explorer, Opera and Netscape.

    Restore files which are deleted from the recycle bin or deleted while holding down the Shift key by mistake.
    Conversely, this program has another function that makes it almost impossible to restore all deleted files.
    You can use it after deletion of confidential documents, embarrassing files and so on.

    XP Tuner  
    This superb collection of one-click wizards will help you get the most out of Windows XP.
    The software enables you to deactivate annoying and often repeated tasks, lower memory
    consumption and increase resources. You can also manage and speed up Internet Explore,
    automatic updates, Wiindows authentication and the Download Manager.

    XP Tuner makes it easy to learn more about your hard disk - serial numbers, free clusters,
    bytes used and so on - and your memory consumption. You can also delete unnecessary registry
    files safely and easily and increase your hard disks capacity.

    The program can fine tune a multitude of system settings to your needs, making your PC faster
    and more stable. It includes an Optimization Kit, which increases your system performance with
    just a few clicks, and an Internet Tuner, which optimises your online connection. The integrated
    pop-up blocker also allows you to stop tiresome ads from appearing.

* Note that these applications are personal favourites of the editor. There are loads more, to suit all tastes.

The PC Tools section of the DVD also contains hints, tips, tweaks and advice on configuring your system for optimal performance - ideal if you are a power game user or graphic designer. There are also hints and tips on mandy applications, including MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint...

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Mobile Phone Content - Wallpapers, Ringtones and Games:
Contains just about everything you'll ever need to make your mobile phone into the hottest, most supercool communications center and entertainment device on the planet. We've got animated wallpapers and screensavers to make your technological trinket stand out from the crowd. We've got hot adult wallpapers to make your mobile phone sizzle and sparkle with sexual energy! Loads of cars, bikes and other supermachines. Movie and cartoon characters. Contains almost ten thousands unique polyphonic ringtones from Abba to AC-DC, Pink Floyd to Pink, Power Rangers to Popeye and Prodigy to Postman Pat. There are over seven hundred games, including classics such as Asteroids, Space Invaders and Defender to newbies like Splinter Cell, 8 Ball, Mini Golf and many many more.

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Useful Ebooks
If there's an ebook out there you've wanted to get your hands on then you can bet that it will probably be amongst our huge 30,000 ebook collection. Yes, thats right, THIRTY THOUSAND. We've found the holy grail of ebooks and, with as we've purchased full reseller rights, we're able to give them all away to you absolutely free. Learn CPR, martial arts or the art of kama sutra. Its up to you. A great collection and one you'll be hard pushed to do better finding yourself.

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