Blind Date Basics

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Blind Date Basics

Your friend has just set you up with a guy you have never met and know nothing about, except what she has told you. You have those fears. What if I don't like him or  what if I like him but he doesn't like me. Well don't worry, we are here to  help.

Keep an open mind
Remember this is a blind date. You have never seen this guy before. Don't form a mental image of him or have  high expectations. You will only be disappointed if he is not how you imagined.  You will know within the first few minutes whether you are attracted to him or  not.

Keep it short but sweet
Don't arrange to meet at the cinema, for dinner or any where else hat could keep you together for more than an hour. Arrange to meet up for a coffee or during your lunch break. If you are  not interested in the guy then you can make a quick exit if you have only agreed  to meet for half an hour or an hour and if you do like him then you can stay  where you are or arrange to meet up again.

Way out
It is crucial  when on a blind date that you have an escape route. You could get a friend to call you 30 minutes into the date and if you don't like him you can make an  excuse and leave and if you do like him then you can tell your friend to call you back later. (Remember to always let someone know where you are.) Or you  could tell him that you promised your friend you'd go shopping an hour after you and he planned to meet. If the date is going well, pretend to go call her to let  her know that "you'd not up to going shopping." Go shopping if you aren't interested. You could get some friends to turn up at the meeting point and if  things aren't going well you can leave with them and if things are going well tell them you will meet up with them later.

Meet ‘n’ greet
One  of the biggest mistakes people make when going on a blind date is trying to be  someone they aren’t.

When meeting someone for the first time, be yourself. Whether that means going all out or remaining casual, your personality will shine through only if you’re not trying to be something you aren’t. While first impressions  are important, do not feel the need to wear heels on a Sunday if you’d normally wear flip-flop sandals. He wants to know who you are; not who you think he wants  you to be.

Better safe than sorry
While  going on a blind date can be exciting and fun, remember that you have no  firsthand knowledge about the person you are meeting. If you have been set up  through mutual friends, they will most likely have a rough idea of your plans. But just in case, make sure someone knows exactly where and when you’re meeting.

If the person you are meeting is a complete stranger, however, you need to take even more precautions. Make sure someone knows your whereabouts,  knows the name of the person you will be meeting, and how long the date is scheduled for. You may want to have a friend join you, or "run into you" about 15 minutes into the date to check up on you.

Who`s paying
Make it clear from the start if you intend to pay for half of everything. You may not want to feel like you owe the guy anything.

Parting after a  blind date has the potential to be very awkward, but it doesn’t have to be!  Should you kiss him, if you like him? Should you tell him you aren’t interested?  It’s always best to do whatever you think feels right. If you are interested in  going out with him again, make sure he knows it and tell him that you will call. If you aren’t interested in seeing him again, make sure that you let him know. It’s better to be honest then stringing him along to false hopes.

Getting to know him
Pay close attention to the things he says, which can reveal a lot. Discussing taste in music, film, food, and art can be a great way to find out if you two have common interestsâ€"or nothing in common at all!

You should also look for common "warning signs" when on a blind  date. If the guy does any of the following, watch out!

  • Talks about his ex-girlfriend throughout the date
  • Doesn’t offer to pay for the first date (or the second, or third…)
  • Speaks badly about his mother or ex-girlfriends
  • Treats the waiters, staff rudely or doesn’t tip

Remember not everyones tastes are the same and there will be things about a guy that you do not like, such as baldness, lack of hygeine etc.. Theses are your own warning signs so don`t egnore them.

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