A Romantic Dinner

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A romantic dinner

Planning a romantic dinner isn`t just about the food (although it  does help if you can at least boil an egg) but about how you bring the whole thing together.

Start early to get everything just right. Make a menu of what you  will be preparing.
A starter - could be soup, prawn salad, bread, etc.. (If you are not very good in the kitchen you can pick up soups and other  great appetizers in your local supermarket.)
The main course - again the main course doesn`t have to be fancy as long as it is something that you will both enjoy. Curry perhaps, or pasta
For dessert - if your baking  skills aren`t up to scratch the desserts on the market are endless you will have  no problem picking one up.

Prepare for cooking
Now you have prepared your menu go out and buy the ingredients (don`t forget the wine.) Start cooking early so that it is ready in plenty of time then all you have to do is heat it up. This is a  great way to enjoy your meal without having to jump up half way through your appetizer to make sure the main course isn`t burning.

Have a tidy around
Make sure that all toys, books,  clutter are stowed away and that the house is generally tidy (you don`t want the down stairs to be presentable then have him go to the toilet where he will find your dirty laundry all over the floor.)

Make yourself presentable
Have a long bubble bath and  take the time to pamper yourself. Paint your nails, do your hair, put on some  make up, and wear your sexiest dress and heals.

Set the mood
It is no good preparing a romantic meal if the setting isn`t right. Cover the table with a fancy table cloth, put out your  best dishes and cutlery, napkins, place a center piece in the middle of the  table, light some candles and play some soft music in the background. Chill the  wine and get out the crystal glasses.

Now all you have to do is serve him dinner.

Although it isn`t as easy as you might have thought it to be it is definitely worth all the effort and he will really appreciate it. Not to mention  he will definitely be feeling frisky tonight.

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