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10 Ways to Feel Sexy

10 Ways to feel sexy

You've had a hard day at the office (or even harder had a toddler running riot all day) and the last thing you feel is sexy. But why should`nt you? here are 10 great ways you can feel sexy and most of them you don't have to leave your home.

Take the plunge: Add some scented bubble bath, light some candles, play some soft music and spend an hour in the bath. When you get out rub body lotion all over you from head to toe or better still get your partner to do it.

Read: Go and buy yourself some good erotic fiction. Or try an erotic story site. You could try writing your own erotic fiction then read it to your partner and reenact it.

Go naked: (under your clothing any way.) Go to work without your knickers on. But if you wear a skirt make sure it is a long one. This will make you feel sexy the thought that no body knows that you have no knickers on will send you wild.

Think about sex: Men do it every waking minute of the day so why shouldn't we. If you are stuck in the office, on a long journey or at home doing the ironing. Let your mind get carried a way with sex. Think about what you are going to do with your partner and what you would like done to you. Thinking about sex can really get you in the mood for it and will definitely make you feel sexier when you are having sex.

Look good feel great: You should always take the time to look your best. Buy some new make-up, have a facial, have your hair and nails done. By looking your best you will feel your best. You will ooze sexiness.

Show off: Buy some sexy underwear.

Light fantastic: Light some candles and place them around your room. The soft light reflected off of your body will make you look fantastic.

Flirt: In your office, with the milk man, bus driver even the spotty lad behind the shop counter. Flirting will make you feel great and make others around you feel great.

Talk is cheap: Practice your bed side manners by letting your man know exactly what you want. Talking dirty to your partner will make you both feel sexier.

Take control: Initiate sex. Dominate your partner. Tell him what you want and that he is going to give it to you. You will feel such a high and will never go back to straight forward sex again